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International Association for the Study of Progressive Rock Music


The Progect Network aims to encourage and extend interdisciplinary scholarship, analysis and debate relating to the broad field of progressive rock and associated styles. Following fan-usage of the term, we define the field in a deliberately expansive fashion, incorporating the numerous sub-styles and genres that have emerged around the world since the late 1960s. 

The Progect Network seeks to provide a focal point for scholarship in this broad field, and to develop a network of conferences, events and high-quality publications that establish the field of progressive rock as a growing and relevant academic sub-discipline of popular music studies. Scholars active in the association are advancing our knowledge and understanding of the history, production, marketing and consumption of progressive rock through a variety of research approaches and temporal and geographic contexts. We also seek to make connections between academia and industry practitioners in order to learn from each other and to share research perspectives and findings.

We Aim

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To Promote

to promote all aspects of the study of progressive rock in all of its Musical Variety and Cultural Contexts

To Build

to build International Dialogue between scholars and practitioners who have an interest in progressive rock

To Foster

to foster the academic sub-discipline of progressive rock

To Deliver

to deliver international conferences and study events that further develop the sub-discipline

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